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Imoran Hub makes Freelancers visible

Imoran launches its new SaaS platform IMORAN HUB, an all-in-one digital ecosystem to maximize the potential of freelancers by amplifying their online presence and simplifying the management of their activity.

23 janvier 2024

Paris, January 23, 2024 – At a time when the world of work is evolving towards greater autonomy and flexibility, Imoran announces the launch of IMORAN HUB , an integrated solution designed to optimize the management and visibility of the growing share of freelance workers.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence , IMORAN HUB ( ) presents itself as an essential companion for freelancers, offering a complete platform for online presence management, editorial assistance, monitoring strategy, organization of activity and much more.




Freelance work is attracting more and more French people. There were just under 600,000 in 2009 , 1 million in 2019 and will be 1.5 million in 2030 *. But this way of working is not without its challenges and these freelancers encounter difficulties in making themselves known to their target audience and in organizing their activity.
IMORAN HUB provides an innovative response to these multiple challenges.

- Increased Visibility : Thanks to a customizable professional web page, freelancers can effectively present their know-how and attract a targeted audience.

- A Structured Communication Strategy : With tools such as the editorial calendar and monitoring, IMORAN HUB helps to stay on top of trends and plan a coherent content strategy.

- Increased Productivity : Editorial assistance using Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to generate quality content, write impactful commercial proposals and optimize communication. The roadmap guides the freelancer and sends him reminders to carry out the essential tasks for maintaining his network and his prospects file.
The platform also comes with business management tools, allowing centralized management of clients, projects, commercial proposals and revenue projections.


Joëlle Ekoulé Tematio, CEO of Imoran, underlines the importance of such innovation: “Being independent means being free to choose your missions, your clients, your projects. But it also means being alone in managing a large number of demanding additional tasks, without necessarily having all the skills and tools. Imoran Hub was designed to address this issue and be a growth catalyst for freelancers. It allows them to concentrate on their core business by digitalizing and simplifying the peripheral tasks of their activity. »


About Imoran:

Imoran, a provider of choice in business consulting and the development of digital solutions, is committed to propelling independent professionals to new heights. Its founder, Joëlle Ekoulé Tematio, became independent after nearly 20 years in business. Faced with the challenges of freelancers, she wanted to respond to them by developing the Imoran Hub application.

Press Contact

Joëlle Ekoulé Tematio - Imoran

203 rue Michel Carré 95870 Bezons

+33 1 87 66 39 50

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