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We work closely and creatively with you to identify practical and innovative solutions to achieve your goals.


Your Strategic Diagnosis


Strategic Review

We validate or clarify the strategic direction of the company (vision, missions and objectives). We carry out an express SWOT analysis to identify the main issues


Operational & Digital Review

We discuss key business processes and efficiency challenges and examine the current state of digitalization to identify gaps and opportunities for optimization.


Identification of Action Levers

We identify with management the 2-3 priority issues for a rapid and significant impact. We make preliminary recommendations.


Supporting Your Success


  • Strategic Audit : Evaluation of the company, its organization and its competition for appropriate recommendations.

  • Prospective Analysis : Establishment of scenarios to anticipate market developments and identify new growth drivers.

  • Business Model : Design of innovative economic models for established companies and startups.

Business Development

  • Opportunity Analysis : Evaluations of processes and resources for informed decision-making (partnerships, acquisitions, expansions, etc.).

  • Market conquest : Definition and implementation of strategies for expansion into new national or international markets.

Operational Efficiency

  • Commercial Optimization: Solutions to optimize resources and improve the efficiency of sales forces.

  • Process Optimization: Analysis to identify optimization opportunities .

  • Digitalization & Automation: Tools to improve productivity and activity monitoring.

Managerial Effectiveness

  • Skills Development : Tailor-made training and development programs to strengthen the leadership of managers, thus enabling them to effectively direct their teams towards the set objectives (sales, marketing, customer relationship management, supply chain and lean management).


  • Work Group Facilitation: Collaborative workshops for ideation and problem solving.

  • Interactive Workshops: Animation of dynamic workshops with serious games (Climate Fresco, Digital, Biodiversity) to promote collective synergy and a better understanding of the issues.

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