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Making your Ideal Client a reality

The question is pretty simple : “Who is your ideal client?”

And yet, the answer is not easy and too many sellers still waste time and energy by not answering it correctly.

At a recent business meeting, one of the attendees said he had two great niches to work on but was having trouble achieving either one. It's not surprising.

multiple customers with a few singled out with target lines

Indeed, not all potential customers are equal. You need to research and identify the one that best suits your business. If you are (very) lucky, he will even discover you. If you are a little more reasonable and responsible, you should proactively seek it out.

When you discover your ideal client and contact them, you should:

  • identify the problem they have that you can solve, as well as

  • offer them your product or service in a way that will show them without any doubt that it is exactly what they need.

But before that, you need to spend some time on defining your ideal customer.

Evaluate all possible customers in the generally broader niche you find yourself in.

  • Some potential customers will sometimes be too costly to serve , whether in terms of time, quality of service or relationship management.

  • Some will require a long and expensive sales process (invitations, advertisements, trial offers for example).

  • Some will certainly never be satisfied .

All these will be eliminated without hesitation.

But others will definitely be your ideal clients.

So what will your ideal client look like? It must meet several criteria:

  • Your products or services are perfectly suited to their needs.

  • You provide an effective solution to at least one of their important problems.

  • You create an opportunity for them (you allow them to gain time, efficiency, pleasure, etc.)

  • Acquiring your good or service represents a good investment for them.

  • Their need for your product is in the near future (not in 3 years!) and most certainly a long-term need.

Do you understand who these customers are? Do you know how to identify them?

Without them, your business strategy has no credibility and your marketing approach is doomed to failure.

Without them, your business will never achieve the success you imagine for it.

To sell well, you must know your target.

Study her, try to understand her wants, her needs and the challenges she faces.

If you don't have this information or aren't sure what you think you have, find out.

Alongside this exercise, check the vision and purpose of your own department.

For what ?

Because, if you find your ideal niche and you make it your mission to provide a solution to its problem through your product or service, it better be:

  • A business that excites you .

  • A business in which you excel or are able to excel quickly in order to offer the best possible service.

  • A business that is profitable .

So ? Ready to work on defining your ideal client?

Whether you are a business manager or an independent consultant, we can support you in this exercise.


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